Miss Universe Bahrain announces dates for the second edition

The Miss Universe Bahrain Organization announced this week that their beauty pageant will be held in July. The organization also released the official trailer on social media.

"Miss Universe Bahrain 2022 is back and we are here to find a beautifully confident woman to best represent the modern Bahraini women - knows how to speak her mind, knows what she believes in and knows that she is beautifully confident," said Josh Yugen, president and national director of the group.

Yugen declared that the primary goal of the contest was the ability to "redefine the standards of beauty and the stereotypes around it."

He stated that in the latest edition, the team he was with created "exciting and interesting activities" which will allow them to learn more about their applicants through an e-mentorship program.

The inaugural edition of Miss Universe Bahrain, which was held last year the winner was Manar Jess Deyani. She was the first to be the shortest contestant ever to be a part for Miss Universe. Miss Universe pageant standing at 154.9 centimeters.

The actress also caused a stir by choosing not to wear a traditional swimming suit at the show's preliminaries and received a lot of praise and support from women and the communities she represents.

Deyani stated in a declaration in a statement that Miss Universe Bahrain changed her life. "Competing at the Miss Universe last December made me realize that the world is so big, and we need to open our hearts and souls to accept and respect our cultural differences because at the end of the day, we are all the same, and we live in the same world," she added.

"I am so excited to meet the next lucky girl who will wear the prestigious title of Miss Universe Bahrain 2022," Deyani added.

A variety of Emirati artists are scheduled to take part at this year's Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, DC, taking place between June 22 and 27 and June 30 through July 4.

The event's artistic and cultural aspects will be focusing on the UAE in this year's edition.

The Minister for Culture as well as Youth Noura Bint Mohammed Al-Kaabi has met with the artists who are part of the festival.

Al-Kaabi made a statement that the celebration is a celebration of the heritage of the UAE and highlights the role played by arts in the UAE's growth and development.

"The participation of a group of UAE creatives including both Emirati and resident artists in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival reflects the rich heritage of our country," she added. "As the country in focus, the UAE will showcase a glimpse of Arab civilization and its living heritage by exhibiting Emirati and Arab culture and arts."

The festival, called "UAE: Living Landscape, Living Memory," is also marks the 50th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the UAE and will offer the public a wide array of events that will involve more than 80 artisans musicians, creators, and artists from the nation whose goal is to share Emirati traditions to an international public.

The festival's events are open to the public for free. The festival will begin with a performance on the evening of June 22 then cultural programming beginning on June 23. They will focus on the live memory and traditional culture of the UAE which stem from its relationship with land, sea , and the sky.

Today is a day of celebration to Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu as she turns one year old since winning the highly coveted title in the year before. The beauty queen, who turns 22 on the day, had recently a virtual chat on the anchor Sachin Kumbhar on the day of her birthday. The interaction was posted on the Miss Diva.org's Social Media handle. She discussed a range of topics , from birthday celebrations to the life living in New York to how crucial it is to maintain your mental health.

"The days of constantly pinching myself to check if it's authentic are over. Every day, I get up with a feeling of gratitude," she said. "It's all about what comes after." Although she acknowledges that the crown has seen many changes in her life, she's the same Harnaaz.

When asked about the time she began fantasizing about her future, she responded that it wasn't as a child. Harnaaz claimed that she did not plan her life and let it flow. Harnaaz claimed that she always finds time for herselfand stressed that she takes an "balanced approach" toward things and opportunities.

"I consider it a major priority on my mental wellbeing. My father always taught me that regardless of the outcome or the amount of money someone earns it's all just temporary. Never, ever, ever let yourself go. In the end, whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, it's easy to remember what he said." she said.

When she was awarded the beauty contest She said that she felt gorgeous for representing her nation. She was thrilled to get together with women across the globe and to learn from them.

She also said she is an excellent cook and said cooking is a way to relax for her since she likes taking part in activities that let her be alone with her. When asked what she does when she's feeling down, Harnaaz said she feels often low. "I am a regular at telling myself what I want to say. I read or watch my videos and think about the reasons I began. I think about it, then cry then let it all go" she shared. She also said that she was hospitalized for three days before the event, when she was informed about her celiac illness and her sensitivity to gluten.

In a lightning-fast conversation, she revealed that she believes that the Mediterranean, Indian and Mexican food are her favorite and listed Paris, Japan, Philippines and New York as her dream destinations, even though she admits she has not ticked New York off the list since she is currently located in the city right now.